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The Thoughts of Brian Harrison 4 Dec 1953 - 25 Jan 2017 - Subsidence Claims: A View from 20+ Years of Experience


In late November 2016, Brian Harrison, a Chartered Surveyor, who I had employed on two occasions and was a valued friend, was in the final stages of his 4 year battle against acute leukaemia. He read one of my blogs and emailed me his thoughts/comments.

Brian died on 25 January 2017, aged 64, and, in his memory,  I want to share Brian`s thoughts with you, in this and a subsequent blog.

When I started doing subsidence work in the early 1990`s, after 15 years in Civil Engineering as a contractor/resident engineer/designer, my qualifications and skills were appreciated, though it took a while to learn the specifics of subsidence claims and general insurance. However, a few grey hairs and plenty of letters on my business card were usually enough to put most policyholders at ease, especially if I had a chat with them about what I intended to do, before starting my survey.

Few policyholders knew what subsidence really is and this has not changed. A lot of claims are submitted that hav…